Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, where you will be declaring your love for your partner by publicly exchanging vows.

This is something that should be treasured forever…

Often a wedding video is the one of the first things couples decide to exclude from their wedding plans – we believe it should be one of the first included.

You will have no other way of recording the truly important moments of your day – the vows, your first kiss, speeches made by important people in your life, your first dance together as husband and wife…the list goes on.

So much time and planning goes into your day and how many times have you heard couples say that their day was over in the blink of an eye? The day will soon be remembered as a series of broad events with the finer details fading in no time at all…

Please take the time to read through some common questions listed below:

What’s the big deal with video?

There is no other medium that can truly capture the feel of your day like video. Photos are fantastic and are a great way to preserve elements of your wedding day, but they are limited, in that they are just a static image of a particular point in your day – no matter how well they are presented, they are limited by the nature of the medium.
Only video has the ability to capture stunning (in the hands of the right people) moving images and just as importantly, the audio from your day. How else will you remember how your vows sounded, or what was said in the speeches when you’re celebrating your 30, 40, 50 year anniversary?

My friend/cousin/uncle/etc. has a video camera. Couldn’t I get them to film our wedding video?

The answer to this question is a resounding “no” – unless you’d also be happy for them to sew the dress, drive the bridal car, perform the ceremony or make the cake! You wouldn’t trust any of these duties to anyone but a professional, so why would you want an amateur filming and editing your wedding video?
Trying to save or scrimp is most probably a decision that you will regret. It’s only when you sit down weeks after the day to watch it that you’ll think – “I can’t hear the vows at all” or “He left the lens cap on” or “The footage he took is so shaky – why didn’t we get this done properly?”
This is a special day that should be given the respect it deserves – one of the most important rites of passage that we go through as human beings deserves to be captured properly and by a professional.

Who to choose?

There are a number of methods that you can use to select your wedding videographer – you will hear a lot of jargon and lingo during your research. Many vendors will dazzle you with industry terms such as: 3CCD cameras, HD, 16:9 widescreen, radio mics, low lux rated cameras, compression techniques, DVD authoring, motion menus, shotgun mics, non-linear editing and so on that by the end of it, it all sounds like gobbledy gook and you feel like just deciding to go with anyone whose footage seems remotely acceptable.
All these things mentioned are important and have their place, but in our opinion, the 2 most important factors when choosing a video production business for your wedding video are these:

  • You admire previous wedding video work (video and audio) and would like your day captured, edited and produced and remembered in a similar style and;
  • You ‘click’ with the videographer

Of the 2 points, the 1st probably goes without saying, but the 2nd is probably one of the most overlooked. You will spend more time with your videographer than anyone else on the day. They are the only ones that will be with you from start to finish: from getting ready to the end of the reception – this can be up to 12 hours of more (not including any pre-wedding footage taken). Before spending this amount of time with someone, and entrusting the capturing of the most important day of your life with them, you want to ensure that you get along – they can have a huge bearing on your day.
Imagine the difference between:

  • a videographer that runs the day like it’s their show: orchestrating shots, giving orders, getting into personal space or;
  • one that is skilled and unobtrusive and captures your day barely being noticed

The two of them are worlds apart.
One of the most common compliments we receive from couples whose wedding videos we’ve produced is that they don’t remember seeing us much on the day – we blend in seamlessly and don’t hijack your day. We realise that our job is to capture your day – not run it.

What style of wedding videos do you produce?

Our wedding videos are best described as contemporary, classical and timeless.
Contemporary: in that they are shot and edited in a modern, up to date style that maintatins pleasing visual aspects at all times.
Classical: in that the footage and editing is done in an elegant fashion. We do not use any tacky effects – any that are used are done tastefully and in a subtle style
Timeless: in that although the fashions or music of your day may date – the way in which your wedding video is produced will not. It will be a pleasure for generations to watch many years from now.

In summary…

Each wedding video we produce is a ‘hand crafted’ work of art that tells the story of your day the way it happened. We do not use any ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘canned effects’ to produce our videos – everything is unique to your wedding.
We present the finished DVDs to you in an individually designed cover, consisting of shots taken from the footage of the day. The covers in themselves are spectacular and the perfect way to present the memories of your day.

We believe in transparency, so all our prices are listed on the packages page – no hidden charges unless you require additional items not listed in the packages. There are 3 to choose from and all represent excellent value for your dollar.

Having filmed wedding videos from Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Byron Bay to Sydney and as far south as Mollymook on the south coast, our experience and relaxed style gives you the piece of mind on the day that only a professional can offer.

Please take the time to look around the still image or video galleries – you should get a good feel for the style that our wedding videos are produced in from there. If you would like a demo wedding DVD sent out, then contact us with your wedding date and details and also any questions and if the date’s available, one will be sent out to you straight away.

Congratulations on your engagement – you’ve got a wonderful and exciting time of your life in front of you! We hope you decide to select us to help you capture your day. It would be an honour.