Digital video productions including: wedding, corporate and promotional video productions

Wedding Video Productionmake your special day last forever…
Having a professionally produced wedding DVD of your special day will be one of the best decisions you make. Your wedding video will become the most treasured momento of your wedding day. Without it the sights, sounds and emotion will simply fade into distant memories. Unlike the typical “wedding video” that we’ve all had to sit through at one time or another, Matt Barwick Multimedia wedding videos are contemporary, classical and timeless – a unique, personal, permanent memory of your day. Make your special day last forever…

Corporate Video Productionpowerfully communicate your message.
There is no other medium like video to get your message across. The combination of sight, sound and interactivity provides the most powerful method today for content delivery. A corporate video produced by Matt Barwick Multimedia can promote a new poduct, deliver messages, transform ideas and above all do so in an entertaining and engaging way. The possibilities are endless…and surprisingly affordable.

DVD Photo Albumspreserve your photos in an entertaining way for generations to come.
By transferring your precious photos to a Matt Barwick Multimedia produced DVD, you are not only archiving them for generations to come, but they also become an entertaining way for family and friends to view them. Rather than sifting through massive photo albums, the pictures come to life on DVD in front of them. Beautifully animated and all tastefully edited to music with titles.